Welcome New Readers

Taxes are some serious business, and I've picked up quite a few new readers because of them. On Facebook, someone even went so far as to pay to promote my Wylie's Good Old Boy System Must Go post. Whoever you are, thank you. That was awesome.

Welcome to all my new readers who are incensed over Wylie's ridiculous tax rate. I've been here fighting for you for many years. Sometimes I'm snarky, sometimes I'm serious and sometimes I even crack myself up, but all of the time I genuinely care. .

I've been blogging about the situations in Wylie for a long time and I have truly heard it all. I've been threatened, called names, accused of being biased (um ya, this is a blog full of my personal opinions), and told I need to run for office. I've also been fed information. A lot. And what I love most is when people recognize me around town and reach out saying they are big fans. For this I am humbly and eternally grateful.

Through the years I've had my name on and off this blog, depending upon where I worked and how uncomfortable my employer was about my having a blog. It really doesn't matter what my name is, those who need to know who I am, do.

As a blogger, you have to stick to your convictions, question everyone's motive, form a thick layer of skin and most important, you have to be particularly fearless. That's me.

As regurgitated threats to shut me up make their rounds yet again, let me introduce myself so as to steal their thunder. I am the Gen X product of the 70s and 80s, instant gratification, sex, drugs and rock and roll, "me" generation. I had a mohawk and put my hair up with Elmer's glue and hairspray because there was no such thing as Got 2B Glued back in the day. I admit freely that I was a wild child, all of which I have blogged about at one time or another. I am utterly human.

I have shared why I became fervently pro-life in Punk Life, after holding my best friend's hand during her abortion, while watching nurses carry what looked like a pickle jar with baby bits floating in bloody liquid out of the room.

I have also shared my stories on being bullied, abused and raped. No pity. It's all character building.

Hells, I've even blogged about going through the change of life in Menopause: Satan's Plan V. I just don't know how much more open I can make my life than that. All these experiences have made me an incredibly strong, opinionated and loyal woman with a wicked sense of humor.

I know very few people with the smalls to publicly display their skeletons, so for those who don't like me and hope to discredit me, knock yourself out casting the first stone.

I will, however, continue to write this blog because of the strong sense of justice I feel.

So on with the merriment as I begin digging into Wylie's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and show you how you have been outright lied to about our tax rate going down and about where our money is going.