How Many Wylie Businesses Haven't Paid City Taxes?

I feel the need to revisit the Lawyer's Title deal again, because someone needs to.

Recall in my post Wylie Good Old Boy System Must Go, a claim was made at a council meeting that the City of Wylie tax was left off of the Collin County Central Appraisal District (CCAD) tax bill, for the Lawyers Title property between 2009- 2013.

The owner of Lawyers Title is Baron Cook, who's business, Wylie Industrial Court Dev Ltd., actually owns the Lawyers Title property.

During that council meeting, presumably because the situation was too confounding for anyone at the city to figure out, and because it would cost the city additional legal fees, council decided to forgive the interest and fees on what Cook owed on behalf of his company. The result of the meeting was that he had to pay his back taxes sans fees. That's great.

I wonder then, why previous years were ignored at this meeting? That's right. The Freedom of Information Act request I made to CCAD came back showing the city taxes for 2007 and 2008 were also left off those bills. Interesting.

Might I also point out here that it was intimated in the council meeting that Wylie Industrial Court Dev Ltd. was not receiving the tax bills because they were going to the realtor who was renting the space at the time. My, but that is interesting considering the address on these statements went directly to the business address, and not the Lawyers Title address.

I am left with so many questions as to exactly how such an omission at the CCAD could occur. Did these taxes actually go unpaid? Why didn't the city spend time researching the issue prior to placing it on the agenda, instead of just taking someone's word for it? Is the city really that derelict in their duty as fiduciaries on behalf of all taxpayers? Just how many other businesses in Wylie have missed paying city taxes? Exactly how far back does the city portion of taxes go unpaid on that property? Who exactly were on the boards at CCAD during this time frame? Was there some type of cronyism going on?

All valid questions, especially when we are researching the city's wasteful spending of our tax dollars.

I suppose we'll never know the full extent of this situation, and just how many other businesses have been affected by this CCAD omission of taxes. For me, it's definitely up there in the things that make you go hmmm.

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