Wylie Council Admonishes a Concerned Citizen During Public Comment

Shame on Councilman Jeff Forrester, Councilwoman Diane Culver, Mayor Pro Tem Keith Stephens and Mayor Eric Hogue for admonishing this concerned citizen over his questions about staff and PD headcount.

This poor man didn't even get to finish his statements before it quickly became the council show. Forrester led a several minute admonishment, followed by Culver who went on a several minute diatribe, followed by Hogue who drafted the Chief of Police to step in. 

The man's concerns turned into stern admonishment for an extended period of time, as he stepped to the side and waited to get the floor again. And our smug Mayor looked on. 

This image beautifully portrays what happened during public comment of the council budget work session tonight. When it was over, for council to welcome this man back to meetings doesn't erase the ill-mannered behavior that was displayed by the majority. 

Very disrespectful!