Wylie is Rolling in Dough

At the last Wylie City Council meeting, City Manager Mindy Manson showed council a preliminary budget during the work session. The chart they used this year shows the tax rate making a steep drop over the past five years. Interesting.

Mayor Eric Hogue and a few council members love to toss around the false narrative that they are reducing our taxes and this chart is a great representation of that. Or is it?

Though the city may have reduced the tax rate, the highest in all of Collin County I might add, this chart and the false narrative only perpetuate a mass misconception. It is easy to pass this chart around because they know that taxpayers get confused about how their taxes work.

When the city council tells you they lowered your taxes, they mean they lowered your tax rate. From the chart above, they only lowered it five cents between 2012 and 2017.  The city representatives love to show this chart, because it makes them feel like heroes for making you think your taxes are taking a nosedive. Except they aren't.

Now let's compare the Wylie City estimated taxes from 2012 through 2017 using an average-priced home as our basis. More to the point, using my home.

This is the reality of that alleged tax reduction that Mayor Hogue and council members like to pretend they gave you. These numbers are the estimated taxes that came directly from my notices of appraised value from 2012 through 2017. Does this look like a tax reduction to you? Obviously it's not.

The taxes paid to Wylie continually increase because the city council refuses to adopt the effective tax rate each year. Instead, they opt to take more money from taxpayers, and pretend they are giving you a tax break by lowering the rate slightly. Certainly not enough to offset the massive increase.

Now some people try to blame the Collin County Central Appraisal District for their increasing taxes. Except, this entity only sets your home's appraisal value. Mostly they pull the number out of their behinds, but for the most part, the appraisals have pretty much been lower than what I could have sold my home for each year. The fact is, scarcity, among other things, has caused home values to increase dramatically over the past couple years and is expected to again in the coming year.

That said, each year, the appraisal district announces the effective tax rate, which is supposed to be adopted by city council to help offset the tax burden on homeowners. The effective tax rate helps keep your payment out the door generally the same as the previous year. Clearly, that is not what Wylie has been doing. Instead they have been taking your money and touting a fake tax reduction.

Now lets take a look at the difference between our current tax rate of .8489 and if Wylie were to lower our taxes by ten cents to .7489 this year. That 2017 payment of $1944.28  on my home, would be reduced to $1715.24, essentially rolling back to their 2015 budget. They could certainly live within those means, considering how much money they took in between 2012 and 2015, plus all the new property tax revenue on the anticipated 350 new homes as well as new businesses opening this year.

Now tell me again how Wylie isn't rolling in the dough?

Photo credit: Bazinga.com