Wylie Council Lie About Representing Citizen Wishes

I've heard it said by Mayor Eric Hogue before; when nobody shows up at council meetings, it must mean they are happy with the direction council is taking. 

Except we did show up. 

People showed up and told them in May that they were unhappy about our taxes, and we asked them to lower them by adopting the effective tax rate. 

The fact is, we have told them what we want, and tonight, they just told us they don't give a rat's cheek about representing us, and certainly not the full rat's ass. 

At the end of the day, our council, who we voted in to represent our wishes, capitulated to a 2 cent decrease in our tax rate (except Councilman Wallis who suggested 3.5 cents). This number is by no means firm yet, but the very fact council wasted three hours of time nobody can ever get back again, asking questions of City Manager Mindy Manson, only to go with whatever she presented anyway is a total mystery.

There was lots of talk about spending, and then more talk about how to spend more later. Absolute dipshizzles. 

The outcome of tonight's budget work session is certainly no surprise to me. They do the same thing, like clockwork, every year. And you know what they say about doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. The meme above says it all.

Even if council comes up with another 1.5 cent decrease to total 3.5 cents by the public hearings next month, it will still be a TAX INCREASE. 

Why? Because next week the effective tax rate is announced by the Collin County Central Appraisal District. Adopting it would mean the city would keep our taxes the same as last year. 

Gee, they didn't seem to have any trouble working within last year's budget. They added headcount, gave raises, bought stuff. and put money in the bank. They even took in more sales tax and property tax revenue than their budget estimates. But this year momma needs new shoes.

This is the crap they pull year after year, all in the name of being conservative with your money. Meanwhile, you are stuck with increasing taxes and mortgage payments because your escrow payment increases to cover the higher taxes and insurance costs. Your city cannot stop taxing you because they cannot stop spending. This is evident by the ridiculous amount of money the city owes. 

Some Wylie homeowners even complained their payments went up $300 and $400 dollars this year. That is clearly of no consequence to the city council. They don't care; they just can't wait to spend your money on new toys.

So if I had to place a bet on the effective tax rate, I would guestimate it to be around 5-6 cents, but I will report it here as soon as I find out what it is. Yet council walked away from the budget work session tonight thanking themselves for going with a conservative 2 cent decrease. 


As fiduciaries of our tax dollars, why council and mayor think increasing our taxes and spending the money like it's going out of style is a conservative use of our tax dollars is beyond me. Meanwhile, they are vigorously patting themselves on the back tonight for pretending to represent our wishes. 

Well they didn't.

Image credit: Quickmeme