The Texan Conservative Does Liberal California

While I was on walkabout in my 80s California stomping grounds, I traipsed through San Francisco on a hippie love tour, wandered through Carmel, whale-watched in Monterey, rode a horse through the San Luis Obispo hills, shed a tear at President Ronald Reagan's burial site, beat feet out of that armpit known as Hollywood as Tamer Hosny stepped into the cement as an Arab instead of an artist, visited Queen Mary, hopped the 26 mile ferry to Catalina, dined in San Diego, stuck my toes in Carlsbad State Beach and visited every mission I could possibly cram into an already filled schedule. I need a vacation from my vacation.


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Why Are People So Angry?

Well, I did it again. Another year, another vacation under the belt.

While I was gone to the land of nucking futs, otherwise known as California, it seems that society went to hell in a hand basket. Turns out, you cannot leave the kiddies home alone to play nice.

I leave for ten gloriously sunny and temperate days and people are tearing down historical artifacts and rioting. For the love of God, grow up.

There's seriously something wrong with people's brains
When I returned, my highly inquisitive and rather astute son wanted to know how I feel about dismantling confederate statues. The long answer - I am not a revisionist. My take on this whole debacle is that as a society, how will we ever learn from our mistakes and provide teachable moments to future generations if we erase things we don't like? When people want to erase our worst hours because it hurts their fragile feelings, they are ensuring that, without historical reference points, we are apt to repeat history. The short answer - it's dumb. People's brains are clearly atrophying.

Why are people so angry?
How can people be so darned angry when we just came home from a trip to that slick, colorful brochure that is prissy, sissy and delicate Niceville?

It's because the liberals simply don't care. They reside in a fairyland, far away from that thing called real work. They sit commune style in open-air rooms with their flip-flops folded criss-cross-apple-sauce under the floor pillow and wander around their campus with a no-fat, no sugar added mocha frappuccino with garbanzo aquafaba cream and pretend they are clearing some sort of cobwebs from their slack, medical marijuana glazed brains. And they get paid big bucks for this liberty. They stand for anything and they stand for nothing. They are happy to jump a train and happy not to. It doesn't really matter to them one way or another. They think nobody should give a crap, and if you give a crap, surely you are oppressing, xenophobing or homophobing someone, somehow, somewhere.

Juxtapose that with people in the red states. These people give a crap. They work hard for everything they have, while the jet set call them those pesky flyovers. You know, the ones who make this country possible by paying taxes and working hard. They don't get to show up to work in flip-flops and cut out early for a hang-ten before they make their way back to their personal air-compressed sleep chamber for the night. They are pissed off that all their hard work and taxes are being pilfered away by a bunch of amoral twits in DC who are supported Hollywood half-wits.

You pay money to watch the Hollywood types. They clearly don't give a crap what you think because you keep paying to watch them pretend to be you, or someone you hoped you could be - just so you don't have to work that hard. They spout off nonsensical crap because they have to if they want to remain employed by the nutters holding the money, and it angers you but you pay for their TV shows and movies anyway. Poor thing, people like Naomi Judd have it so hard. You know, being looked at and all. But hey, you just keep paying them to spoon feed you nutter-speak and hope that your brain will not somehow be fundamentally changed by group-think.

Hollywood 2.0
You send good, hard-earned money to a candidate, which sends him to DC - the other Hollywood, and then suddenly they stop giving a crap. Rep. Pete Sessions the Repete kid is a prime example. If you sent him money to help close the borders or stop Planned Parenthood funding, as was pimped last season, that is old news. Like the taboo of  wearing white after Labor Day, his focus changes the day after every election. Good luck getting these people to listen, let alone hear.

Hollywood 3.0 
While you are busy watching Hollywood and ignoring 2.0, a new breed has emerged, which is even more dangerous than the previous two. These hollymaphrodites are toxic combinations of Hollywood starlet and politician. They are better known as the media. These slick little suckers are so deathly afraid of unemployment and new media bloggers that they stoke the fires for a living. Don't confuse them with their extinct counterparts who actually worked for the publics instead of the almighty liberal dollar. Their stake is that controversy, whether real or fabricated sells, and indeed, follow the money trail. As long as you feed the beast, they keep getting fatter.

This circle of life continues and those people paying for it all keep getting angrier.

As confederate history is completely eliminated, and the statues are all torn down, they'll have to start on names next. Watch the City of Tyler for a name change soon, considering their namesake is the slave-owning President John Tyler who owned 70 slaves. Will we ban the word "Washington" because he owned 317?

My prediction is the idiocy will continue because liberals brains are getting tinier. That's what happens when you buy into Hollywood and don't exercise them.

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In Bold Move, Wylie Proposes Lowest Tax Rate in Years

Congratulations to the City of Wylie, Mayor Eric Hogue, city council members and the City Manager Mindy Manson for somehow finding enough money to give us a 6.7 cent tax rate decrease, when all along they said they couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't go with more than a 2 cent decrease. 

It's amazing how the money just finds itself, but for now I will put the snarky in the pocket for a moment and thank them for realizing how much they have been hurting Wylie's taxpayers. They finally listened to us.

I will also take back calling our Mayor the tax-whore, because he worked to lower our rate, not just to the effective tax rate, but slightly lower than that. This is finally good news and taxpayers should celebrate heartily. 

That said, I can explain how easy it was for them to make this shocking move. 

Firstly, they discovered that the double-digit appraisal hike we received was near embarrassing at nearly 14%, especially considering the city manager proposed the budget based upon a 9% increase. Secondly, based upon that massive increase, the city stands to make a bundle off all those poor suckers who are buying new homes in Wylie. Finally, because the city was getting mighty tired of having their reputation mired by all this tax talk. It's looking like they will not be the highest taxed city in Collin County anymore, and for that I am fairly certain they are breathing a sigh of relief.

Now let me allay some fears about "future increase" chatter that always seems to make the rounds when talking with ill-informed people. The effective tax rate is a two-way street. When a city lowers their tax rate to meet that, the total tax payment homeowners make stays relatively the same. Should property values decrease, they can increase taxes to the effective tax rate and guess what? The total taxes paid will stay the same. That's the beauty of of the effective tax rate. 

Not only did the city determine that they could meet the effective tax rate, but they are attempting to beat it as well. Isn't it funny how much of a difference two weeks make when council claims they simply cannot lower taxes more than two cents, and suddenly find 6.7 cents to give us? Kind of makes you wonder why they have been sticking it to us for so many years in the first place, but I digress. 

The point of this post is that we the people should be jubilant today, for we are winning. Now if only the other taxing entities would fall in line, that would be great. But in the meantime, the city of Wylie is doing their part to make Wylie one of the best places in all of North Texas to live. Well done.